About us

Bangladesh Science Society (BSS) is a non-profit organization from Bangladesh. With the dream of a self-reliant Bangladesh, this organization has been working since 2015. We are working on evolving a developed and technically skillful generation, who will implement their knowledge and creativity to flourish the technological advancement of Bangladesh. To avail this, we have been organizing science workshops, science competitions, book-reading workshops and book distribution programs throughout the country, with an aim to ignite the interest of science among the students, from school-going ones to university students.

Our main target is utilizing the potential of them to build a self-reliant Bangladesh. Making a generation who are well-known of their capabilities, informed of their scopes of knowledge implementation, who are assiduous in research and application and convinced of building an enriched Bangladesh. It has been working to satisfy the inquisitive minds by providing the knowledge of the unknown and the unseen.

Apart from this, BSS also patronizes science projects of the students. BSS supports the students’ needs to materialize their scientific green ideas not only morally but also financially. To increase the practice of scientific methods, BSS arranges workshops and seminars also.

In Bangladesh, number of science books written in Bangla is very poor. To alleviate this, BSS established their own publication group ‘BSS Publications’. A BSS has covenanted with some renowned writers of Bangladesh.

For keeping pace with the advancement of information technology, Bangladesh Science Society has been working on online platforms. Our facebook page, facebook group, youtube channel, website and blog has been prevailed. Operation of developing smartphone app is also going on.

Bangladesh Science Society runs another program which is named ‘We Read Science Books’. This is a program to introduce the students with books on different scientific topics, according to their academic knowledge. In this program students are given books to read. In a day long workshop, students come in touch with different books of their taste. They can make questions to the lecturers to know further on any topic.


Universities are the nucleus of practicing intellect of a country because university students research directly on the application of many of their studied topics. And one of the main conditions of making these researches fruitful is mutual discussion, making a platform in the universities where the students will reach newer decisions on their studied topics through discussion. Bangladesh Science Society has been emphasizing on making this platform for students from its inception. At every top universities there are clubs established by the support of Bangladesh Science Society. In this clubs students are coming to mutual contiguity, discussing own thoughts and ideas with others.  Besides, opportunities have been created to contact with students of other universities than own, which is playing vital role in enriching their acquired knowledge.


To make students eager to studying science, Bangladesh Science Society is leading different science knowledge competitions all over the country. Quiz and debate competitions has been arranged in school-based campaigns. To encourage the students, Bangladesh Science Society handed them books as their order of merit.

Additionally, Bangladesh Science Society worked with two competitions of national level:

  1. As a partner of ‘Brain Challenge & Youth Festival, 2015’
  2. As a partner of activation program of ‘Falling Walls Lab’, to be held on November, 2016 at Berlin.

Youth development is also a major sector where Bangladesh Science Society is working on. Different seminars have been conducted by BSS to make our young generation more focused about career selection, professional skill development and so on. Entrepreneurship is also an important concern of BSS. Together with Young Sustainable Impact (YSI), an international organization that works to build entrepreneurial businesses based on US SDGs, BSS is working to find out best young entrepreneurial minds of Bangladesh & solve her problems related to SDGs.